Mona Wiera Polarized

My lovely model Mona-Wiera. I intended to make new polaroid transfers but material I tried to use (expired more than 15 years Polaroid 64T type 100) was too much expired and old chemicals created awful traces on paper.

Angelika polarized and transfered

Angelika Jakubowska Polarized

Angelika Jakubowska Polarized

Last Wednesday beauty one Angelika (Miss Polonia 2008) mused me on polaroid transfer project. Friends from Studio Scena created her make-up and hair. Jewellery came from fashion atelier Wilki Dwa. It was long, hot day but Angelika made the grade and patiently posed without complaining in very relaxing and sensual way… Finaly … another soul was stolen 😉

You may see all transfers with Angelika in „Polaglam transfers” gallery.



BTS first shoots on Polaroid 691

Here you may see how became my story with lovely Polaroid 691 film … It was so, so excited to pull first shoot from my Polaroid 180 camera. Hope you will be able to share my emotions.

Full Project 691 gallery here

Polaroid transfer with beauty Kaja

BTS movie from one of my first polaroid transfer projects past year… „Red nights” in „polaroid transfer” gallery page in portfolio section of my page here. Material used: Polaroid 690.

Golden girl with one ring in SnapMe Magazine no 5

November 2010. My polaroid transfer „Golden girl with one ring” published in SnapMe Magazine #5 – polish independent on-line photography magazine. You may read this issue here.

Blur Magazine – Polaroid Special Edition

Reminescences from 2010…. It was so excited to see my picture qualified to grand finale of photographic contest „The Best Polaroid Photos” in international e-magazine dedicated to artistic photography Blur Magazine.
Download PDF ver „Blur Magazine Polaroid Special Edition” here

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